Sunday, March 25, 2007


Well, last night did not start out well. First, I was buried in my fight for the "Schneider Cup". Then Sarah was suffering from a series of nasty nightmares where she screamed in horror, walked aimlessly around the house, horrified because she thought we had left her all alone (takes us 15 minutes to calm her down and it happened twice). Additionally, Tom was snoring like a frieght train and I had a killer stomach ache. It became very obvious rather quickly that sleeping was NOT in the cards.

However, a visit to my sofa and a tour of the "Comcast On Demand" library made things light up in a hurry! While Showtime claims that they are not starting "The Tudors" until 1 April, two episodes where available for my viewing pleasure! It was like being leaked the entire plot of the final Harry Potter (which I care nothing about BTW, I couldn't even get through the last book). So, at 1:00 am I was watching a very HOT Henry torture Catherine of Aragon and bang two of her ladies of waiting (in turn, creating his first of MANY bastards). I as also delighted to see that Cardinal Wolsey is portrayed as the slime ball that he was, and not martyred as he could have been. Never fear viewers, we all know that Anne Bolyne will make sure he gets his in the end!

So, I have a lot to do. I promise a decent summery of the show this evening, in addition to my Elizabeth article! My deadline has been moved up!


Friday, March 23, 2007

Catching up .............

First of all I apologize to those of you who actually look for updates on this blog. I have been distracted by a number of odd projects.

First there was baby bee's 2nd birthday and the birthday-palozza that surrounded it, then the Basketball tournament and the ridiculousness that the "Schneider-cup" has come to represent. You can follow the whole thing at The Official Schneider Cup site, but to sum it up for those of you who don't know my family dynamic, I will just say that my father always describes the NCAA Tournament as the closest my family comes to a religious high holy days celebration.

Lastly, following the Elmo festivities thrown for Baby-Bee, Ms. Bean decided that it was time to start planning her own birthday party for June. I have been informed that it will be a Princess Party at home. The rest of the planning and presentation is up to me. However, she will be wearing a beautiful dress an her friend Caitie is to be in attendance! Now, some of you might remember that I don't do princesses. SO, I have taken this on as a personal challenge. The research (love that word, makes it sound like an academic exercise) has been, umm, enlightening. You MUST check out this description of a Little Mermaid Party to really appreciate what I am up against. This, believe it or not, is NOT unique. People are nuts, and since I never did get around to getting that Masters Degree in Party Panning, I am at a serious disadvantage. So far I purchased most of the Party favors at the urging of Tom who was at the mall with me and didn't want to drive all over creation looking for the right tieras for 4-year-olds. Stay tuned for details, June is right around the corner!

I still have a commitment to my readers to finish my Tudor Series with a discussion of Elizabeth Tudor, Daughter of Henry and his Whore, Anne Bolyne. Promise to get it done before 1 April.

I also wanted to make mention of this article from Tuesdays Washington Post. It highlights the University of Maryland study that come out this week which found that working moms actually spend MORE time with their children then housewives spent with their kids in 1965. It also found (not surprisingly) that fathers are spending nearly three times more time with their kids then any other generation. According to this research (a real academic exercise) working moms are able to spend this kind of time with their families by giving up personal time, including their kids on vacations/social outings and cutting back on household chores and cooking (the invention of the microwave is probably a HUGE factor here). Most pleasing, the research concluded that today's kids are well adjusted, happy, and appear to get plenty of quality time with their parents (despite their parents guilt).

I have been following the Mommy Wars since about a year before Ms. Bean was born, so, I am certain that the SAHM rebuttal will come shortly. However, I have enjoyed being able to go to work this week knowing that all things equal, my kids will grow up to be well adjusted adults who know that as children they were cared for and loved.

However, they might be on the couch in 2020 telling their shrink that their mother never gave them the Princess Party of their dreams and as a result they have unresolved issues.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

A little opinion poll .................

Who will be fired first ............... Glen Hanlon or Alberto Gonzales? Who should be fired first? Comments welcome.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hmmmmmm ....................

Umm. Am I the only one that noticed that Duke just went down to VCU in the first round? Didn't think so.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

March 14

Happy 2nd Birthday to our Lovely Leah! You amaze us every day. You have a wonderful sense of humor, stubbornness and you are smart as a whip. You are sensitive, read us well, know just when a hug is needed and have already proven that you are a an extremely generous daughter, sister and person. You are going to be an amazing adult!

I am reminded every day just what a miracle you are!

Mommy Diane

Monday, March 12, 2007

Live Tournament Picks - 2007

OK. I have my empty bracket in front of me and I am getting ready to make my picks. This is going to be like watching a composer sit at the keys to write his most famous piece ......... I promise. Don't you feel the excitement brewing?

First of all - I am picking the #1 seed to beat the #16 seed across the board. I know that is cowardus, but I am a realist and as far as I know, a #1 has never lost in the first round.

Now, let us start in the East.

  • MSU over Marquette because I love Jeff
  • Arkansas over USC because they went all the way for me the first time I won the cup (and I like Armadillos)
  • Texas over NMS. This was hard because I generally hate the State of Texas. But Neil from the 7th grade lives there and I think they'll win.
  • GW over Vanderbilt. Yes, probably a throw away. 2 reasons. Both obvious.
  • Certainly I would NEVER choose ORAL ROBERTS UNIVERSITY? Does anyone who isn't a religious-nut-job go there? Washington State.
  • Boston over Texas Tech. Mass gave us Kerry, Kennedy, and Beans. Texas gave us W.
  • GT over Belmont. Live in DC. Where is Belmont?

East S-16

  • Michigan State - I love Jeff, and I HATE North Carolina and their fans
  • Texas over Arkansas - Yeah ............. sometimes a little realism in your decision making process is a good thing.
  • Washington St over GW - Sorry Colonials
  • Georgetown over Boston. Raised in New England, but my kids are from DC. Trump.

East Semifinals / Finals

  • Texas over State - Sorry Daddy, but I still love you
  • Georgetown over Washington
  • Georgetown over Texas

In the SOUTH:

  • Xavier over BYU. I'm sorry, but I just don't like BYU. I think you all know why.
  • Tennessee over Long Beach. Carolyn lives in Tenn. Long Beach is too close to San Diego
  • VA over Albany. Not an easy decision. VA will not make it much longer in my bracket
  • Louisville over Stanford. I know someone who want to Stanford. She is a bitch (and insane)
  • A&M over Penn. I never pulled for A&M, but Greg has had a shit month and he deserves something good.
  • Creighton over Nevada
  • Memphis over N. Texas. No clue here so I sent with the favorite and I (of course) hate Texas

South S-16:

  • Ohio (Yuck)
  • Tenn
  • A&M (Greg)
  • Creighton

South semifinals and Finals:

A&M over Ohio. This was not easy because I hate Texas and Ohio. However, Ohio is responsible for giving us W with their stupid swing state position and Greg gave me a job and rescued me from the Future Workforce section of my Agency.

In the Midwest:

  • Arizona over Purdue
  • Butler over ODU
  • MD over Davidson
  • Winthrop over Notre Dame (I generally like people from Penn State - this one's for them)
  • Oregon over Miami Ohio - Mark lives in Portland and its beautiful. I hate Ohio.
  • GA Tech over UNLV (What is that? Vegas?)
  • Wisconsin (I like Cheese)

Midwest S-16:

  • Florida over Arizona - It's not like anyone from Florida is going to get a job! Basketball is all they have!
  • MD over Butler - I like Lina
  • Winthrop over Oregon
  • Wisconsin over Georgia Tech.

Midwest Semifinals and finals:

Florida over Wisconsin - I like Cheese, but I like Gary more. Since when is Florida in the Midwest?

In the West:

  • Kentucky over Villanova. I spent YEARS rooting for Kentucky. Why stop now?
  • Illinois over VA Tech. I don't like someone from Tech SO MUCH that even though they are going to win, I feel better leaving them off my bracket.
  • Southern Ill over Holy Cross
  • VCU over Duke! I know a guy that went to Duke and he is a dick. This year I can justify my pick against them! Go Rams!
  • Pitt over Wright State
  • Zag over Indiana - Please don't throw a chair at me!
  • UCLA over Weber State, because I love Bob.

West S-16:

Kansas, Southern Ill, Pitt, UCLA (1,2,3,4) I can hear Joey bitching now. Stuff it.

West semifinals and finals:

Kansas over UCLA

So that makes my final 4: Florida (Gary) Kansas (Tim Dunn) Texas A&M (Greg) and Georgetown.

I have Florida beating Georgetown in my final game. Why? Because I was a shrew the whole time I worked for the Future Force Office (not that they didn't deserve it) and GARY STILL LIKES ME!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring ahead, my noted absents, and answering the Mail


I am an hour behind in my life for the next 3 weeks while my Treo catches up with the Republicans Energy Pork Package. Just for the record Congress, we all know that the changes in the daylight savings bill had NOTHING to do with conserving energy and everything to do with keeping big business happy. The real winners? The candy companies who for the past decade have been trying to get Halloween covered by daylight savings so that the kids get an additional hour of trick-or-treating before bedtime. Well, they finally got it! Should make Dentists relatively happy as well. Gratefully, the Donkeys have come to town and further Pork will be better scrutinized.

My apologies to those of you who have missed my daily entries. I have not disappeared, have just been spending a little more time at The Schneider Cup preparing for Madness. I suspect that my time here will be sparse through next weekend, but I will be returning in full force by the 20th. Also, my "Miracle Bee" will be turning two this Wednesday and I have been preparing for an ELMO PARTY in my spare time.

A few comments about the mail:

I received this from "Jeff". It is a yahoo article detailing Chris Simons apology for his vile behavior on the ice last Thursday.

Simon says (there is a joke in there somewhere) "After watching the tape the morning after Thursday's game, I was disgusted. There is absolutely no place in hockey for what I did". He goes on to apologize to Ryan Hollweg, the Islanders, the fans and the NHL. He claims to have sustained a concussion when Hollweg checked him heavily into the boards, leaving him disoriented but said that it no justification for for the danger he put Hollweg in and the damage he caused the game.

OK. Call me a softy, but I think that this is a pretty decent and heartfelt apology. Certainly, he seems more sincere and remorseful then either Darcy Tucker (following the near decapitation of Rickard Zednick in 2002) or Marty McSorley's apology AFTER he was suspended for life in 2001. Of course, Simon has been suspended 5 times before for violence and once for Racial slurs. Perhaps he has perfected the "public apology" part of the game.

Check your smoke detectors!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Chris Simon


Thursday, March 8, 2007

Role Playing

Well, when I became a mom (and through the years of infertility leading up to being a mom) I had all of these thoughts in my head about what being a mom was all about. I knew that there were all of these "roles" that I would assume as part of the job description, and I looked forward to each as a growing experience for myself, Tom, and the Kids.

The Writer: Before the babies came I had this recurring vision of my future self sitting in a rocking chair holding them and singing while I watched the moon outside. I guess in my mind I was a poet, amazed by a perfect baby.

The Athlete: After Sarah was born I saw myself as a great athlete. I was chasing the kids through the house, neighborhood, and park ............... laughing all the way.

The Teacher: Often I play the roll of the Teacher. I'm not sure that I'm a great teacher, but for the next several years I will teach them about kindness, love, respect, photography, history, politics, and beauty. I hope to do it in a way that makes them better people and better members of society.

The Goof Ball: Anyone who has a toddler knows that hours of your day are spent singing songs that you never thought you would sing, louder then you knew you could. You dance in public when there is no music, and you make up words because it makes the kids laugh. So far, I think that this is my favorite role.

Well, I tell you all of this because in all my preparations, nothing prepared me for assuming the role I took on tonight. This evening, I became a prison guard.

In an effort to get to the TV first and choose the program after the girls got into their Pajamas, Sarah pushed Leah down the stairs. I could tell by the look on her face that she felt horrible, and worse she could see by the look on Leah's that her sister felt horribly betrayed. So, Sarah spent the night in her room, crying, and I have spent the better part of the evening outside of her bedroom door, trying not to cry. The worst part of this is not putting Sarah in her room, she has been there several times for a variety of offenses. The trouble with tonight is that she is so horribly sorry for doing what she did that I want to let her out and do something to make her feel better. Instead, I am stuck playing guard to a door that wont open, because the little girl on the other side is too ashamed to show her face. Worse, she is afraid to face her sister who for the first time didn't want her around.

I know that she needs to be taught a lesson and this is part of growing up, I just wish that I could spare her the painful lessons that she will have to endure in the process. I dont want to play "cop", I want to play "mommy". Or are they one in the same?

Monday, March 5, 2007

Sarah's thoughts while delaying bedtime

Today is nighttime and sometimes I'm afraid in my bed. My mommy is kind and sweet. Roses are beautiful. Roses smell sweet. I like the red ones. Daddy is out to dinner with his friends. I like to play with my sister. Last time I was with her she was beautiful and kind to me. Tonight I watched TV at Papa and Susies house. It was fun. Susie made French Fries, corn bread, eggs and brocolli. It was very, very yummy.

Good Night.

Love Sarah

Sunday, March 4, 2007

The New York Islanders!

Dear Ted and GM -

I know that no one likes to be told how to do their job, but there is a team on Long Island that you should really check out! They have three players (Zednick, Witt and Simon) that really have chemistry. In fact, they kicked your ass last night, 6-2! Maybe you should get with their GM and see how to put a team together! That guy has a vision!


Section 425

Friday, March 2, 2007

The Tudors Part VII - Mary Tudor

OK, here is the deal, I feel committed to finishing this series because I promised my readers that I would. I do this because I LOVE my readers (all three of you, who really only come here to read Sarah's Blog, but I digress). However, I don't really want to because there is so much information out there about my two remaining profiles (Mary and Elizabeth, both daughters of my favorite Renaissance Pig) that I think it is rather unnecessary. So, I have decided to just throw out a few things about Mary that I think are interesting as "ticklers". If you are interested in what you read, you can either ask follow-up questions, Google her, check wikipedia, or borrow a few books from the library to learn more. Look at this entry as a "commercial". Isn't this exciting?

A little background: As you probably remember from my entry on Katherine of Aragon, she and Henry had a little Princess named Mary. She had a charming life in the beginning, but was later cast away and declared illegitimate by her step mommy Anne Bolyne who forced her to wait on her step sister Elizabeth (come to think of it, it was a LOT like the story of Cinderella). Anyway, eventually Henry died and left three children from three women, 2 girls and a boy. Edward (the son) was made king but he was only 9 so his uncle Lord Seymore and later John Dudly (father of Robert Dudly, Elizabeth's long time fling). Anyway, Edward died, there was an attempt to declare Lady Jane Grey Queen, the people rebelled and soon Mary took her rightful place as Queen of England (and both John Dudly and Lady Jane Grey were beheaded).

1) Both Mary and her brother Edward are said to have contracted Syphilis from their Dear Daddy, and therefore where quite sickly throughout their lives.

2) Mary was so desperate to have an heir to secure the Catholic Future of England (and hold on to her husband Prince Philip of Spain who was repelled by her) that she had 2 hysterical pregnancies. She stopped having periods, her stomach grew, and she was NEVER pregnant. Now, I call that "eating over the holidays", but this was quite scandals. The entire country was waiting for a Prince and it just "never came".

3) In an effort to bring the country that she loved back under the control of the Pope, Mary had 283 individuals burnt at the stake, during her 5 years as Queen. It is said that the entire city of London smelled like burning flesh.

4) A Bloody Mary is made with Tomato Juice and Vodka, then garnished with a celery stick.

5) There is a children's game in which they look in the mirror and say "bloody Mary" three times. If said in sequence, the ghost of Mary Tudor appears in the mirror. The children's game was parodied in the South Park episode "Hell on Earth 2006," where the ghost of Biggie Smalls would appear after saying his name three times in a mirror.