Monday, March 5, 2007

Sarah's thoughts while delaying bedtime

Today is nighttime and sometimes I'm afraid in my bed. My mommy is kind and sweet. Roses are beautiful. Roses smell sweet. I like the red ones. Daddy is out to dinner with his friends. I like to play with my sister. Last time I was with her she was beautiful and kind to me. Tonight I watched TV at Papa and Susies house. It was fun. Susie made French Fries, corn bread, eggs and brocolli. It was very, very yummy.

Good Night.

Love Sarah

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Stu said...

My son is almost 15 and my daughter is 11, and I do so miss those days of bedtime monologues. Your Sarah is sweet. And as for the being afraid while in bed, have you seen those new neon-ish lights for under the bed, to keep safe from monsters. I would have loved this idea about 8 years ago.

Sweet, sweet post. Thanks!