Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Story of Max Schneider's Trip to America by Ms. Bean

Max Schneider was my Great, Great Grandfather.  He was my Mothers Great Grandfather, and my Grandpas Grandfather.  This is the story of when he immigrated to America.
Max was polish and grew up in Russia.  He  was a very giddy child.  His mother said he had "the gift of gab"  .His mother and father sent him out to town one day to sell some things, hoping that his "gift of gab" would work and bring money to their home.  Once Max got to town, he thought to himself, "I am going to keep going, and see what I can see".  So, he met up with some friends, and they travelled together from place to place.  One of his friends suggested Paris, so they went to Paris.  Then one of them suggested America, so off they went and soon arrived in New York City's, Ellis Island.

As soon as Max got to New York, he received a message that he had to join the Russian Army or else they were going to fine his parents.  So Max borrowed some money, bought a round-trip ticket, and started his journey back to Russia.
He stayed in the Russian Army for quite a while, but then decided to leave and start his own life. The Russian Army would never let him just leave, so he had to run away.  In the middle of the night he snuck out, pinning his ticket in his underwear, and headed back to the United States of America. 

This time he came in through Baltimore, because he still owed money to the people in New York, and the Russian Army didn't pay him anything.   He moved to Detroit and wanted to Marry.  So, he met some people who arranged for him to marry a Lithuanian woman named Tilly who was living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

They got married, had three boys (Herman, Leon, and Sam) and lived Happily Ever After.  I don't think Max ever paid back the man in New York.  And, I don't think he ever get in trouble for leaving Russia.  Lucky Max!