Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Peanut Butter and ............................

2:45 this afternoon:

Me: Girls, I am going into the store to get a few things for the drive tomorrow. What kind of Jelly do you want with your Peanut butter sandwiches?

Ms. Bean - Raspberry. Raspberry JAM! Not jelly! I only like Jam! Jelly is too lumpy. So, get me Jam, OK? OK Mom? Raspberry Jam.

Little Bee - (sigh), Chocolate Jam.

Me: They don't make Chocolate Jam.

Little Bee - Then I wont eat anything.

This could be a VERY long vacation.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 2 - Topsail

So, I forgot the component that uploads the photos from the camera (along with all toiletries, most of our food, and a pair of shoes for Tom). BUT never fear, Bean and Bee took care of the storytelling.

Here is Ms. Beans day from beginning to end. She "awoke, went to the beach, and ate". Her words, not mine.

The best part of Little Bee's day is below. Here she is on the dock at seaTulls with Tom and Ms. Bean (all on their designated colors) after they pulled up the crab pot. In the background is the house, and I am taking photos of the three of them (in blue). You will see the actual photos in a few weeks.

I like vacations better through their eyes anyway!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

We're in Topsail!

This morning started our great adventure! Tom and I are on leave for the next two weeks, and are enjoying a few days at Gary and Jana's lovely home in North Carolina before heading to Disney World to meet the Woolcotts for a week long visit with Mickey!

I woke the girls up earlier then I should have this morning (in part because I was so excited) and as a result forgot EVERYTHING that I planned to bring (to include 90% of the food that we prepared and shopped for). So, while Tom Tom is at the grocery store, I had the girls draw pictures of what they did on Day 1 of their vacation:

Ms. Bean merged reality and fantasy to create the above collage. We have a 6-hour ride strapped into her booster, followed by a visit with a mermaid, and then dinner! Hmmmm.

Little Bee was more literal, and captured her wading in the Ocean. The first visit I might add, that she truly enjoyed, despite her terrified tears that filled the whole walk to the beach.

Tomorrow, I will unpack my camera and post some real photos!