Friday, December 29, 2006

How was your Holiday?

Well, I am exhausted.

Christmas started on December 5th with the kids daycare center Party and ends Sunday when the clock strikes midnight. In that time there have been three daycare events, 2 Office parties, 3 external holiday parties, 8 nights of Hanukkah, a Christmas Eve Party, Christmas Day at our house, my dear friend Carolyn's overnight visit, Santa Rachel's visit and preparations for all of the aforementioned events. I think that I have gained 10 pounds in Christmas Cookies. Today I got a prescription for Zanex. The only thing that seems to have suffered is my blogging, which I will take care of with my resolutions (that is one of the good things about giving up all your old vices, you can leave New Years Resolutions to the trivial).
There are a few blogs entries that have kept me interested this month. Life out of Contexts has a pretty thought provoking entry about the little white lies we tell regarding Santa and the tooth fairy. My tooth Fairy's name was "Bruce" and he was cool. I am sticking with the story ..............

There is a website called Tis the season. Check it out.

I have spend the last hour looking for a site I read about where I can buy and trade all buildings, cities, states and landmarks for a fee. I cant find it, forgot the name, and NEED to get the Washington Capitols for my dad. Anyone know what I am talking about?


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hockey fight - #1

When you hear the term "leaving a pool of blood in the ice" ................. you know it is going to bring a smile to your face ...................

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What are your kids listening to?

Sarah and Leah are 3 1/2 an 21 months. If I didn't put my foot down on the music we are listening to, I would be banging my head into the steering wheel repeatedly while listening to the 5th song on the Wiggles TOOT TOOT CD OVER and OVER again! No more! Thanks to my friend Erica and a little research on Amazon, I think that I have come up with the PERFECT holiday gift list for those that need a decent collection of children's music that is acceptable to the whole family.

Ralphs World has a new CD out called Welcome to Ralphs World. It includes a Bonus DVD. Anyone who knows me, or my kids, knows that I LOVE these guys! Check them out

Justin Roberts also put out a new CD this year. Meltdown is fun and innovative, and has stayed away from the religious themes that he seems to restrict to his biblical albums. Thanks for keeping the line there Justin. Sarah asks for this CD all the time, though she is becoming increasingly concerned that the boy on the cover is not wearing a helmut! That's my girl!

The Sesame Street Songs from the Street is a must have for everyones collection. It is pricey but worth it and while I do not have it yet, I suspect that we will soon. Afterall, who can resist James Taylor singing "Jelly Man Jelly".

Nighttime favorites in my house include Hand In Hand (Songs Of Parenthood) and Kenny Loggins Return to Pooh Corner . I purchased Return to Pooh corner about 10 years ago when I was having a particularly hard time and needed some "comfort music". My kids seem to find it soothing as well.

Happy shopping. I will (without doubt) post another review of our post holiday purchase but need to go ................ a little voice of calling for "mommy" over "Sweet baby James"

Sunday, December 17, 2006

The stupidest thing I have found while surfing in a vey long time

The first post is the hardest ................................

They say that the first post of the hardest and considering the amount of times that I have deleted and re-started this post, I would have to say that is the case.

I am not really certain why I have decided to begin this blog. I am not a "great thinker" of the 21st century, nor am I interested in writing a year long "Christmas Letter" in which I bore nameless / faceless readers with the mundane details of my day. I guess that I am writing this at the urging of my friends, who are tired of hearing me TALK about what I have recently read, bought, thought and heard. Afterall, this is the age of technology. I can put the information out there for their convenience. They are, of course, right.

I am a working Mom and Wife, with two amazing and exceptional daughters who deserve to have amazing and exceptional lives. My challenge is safely raising them in a world that is not always safe, and doing it in such a way that they are able to enjoy taking advantage of life's experiences without fear. I need to raise them to ask intelligent questions and say NO to authority figures when those "in charge" have failed them, but to respect authority when it is there to protect them. I also need to ensure that they make good choices, keep their bodies healthy, eat right, exercise, and use their minds. I need to lay the foundation for these choices now, before they no longer listen to anything that Tom and I have to tell them. I need to teach them about the arts, music, various cultures, pop culture, Charity, and history. I have no idea how to do any of this.

What I DO know how to do is read articles, blogs and books authored by people, like me, who are struggling with the same issues, and discard most of it. I promise to share what I think is worth reading ......................