Sunday, March 25, 2007


Well, last night did not start out well. First, I was buried in my fight for the "Schneider Cup". Then Sarah was suffering from a series of nasty nightmares where she screamed in horror, walked aimlessly around the house, horrified because she thought we had left her all alone (takes us 15 minutes to calm her down and it happened twice). Additionally, Tom was snoring like a frieght train and I had a killer stomach ache. It became very obvious rather quickly that sleeping was NOT in the cards.

However, a visit to my sofa and a tour of the "Comcast On Demand" library made things light up in a hurry! While Showtime claims that they are not starting "The Tudors" until 1 April, two episodes where available for my viewing pleasure! It was like being leaked the entire plot of the final Harry Potter (which I care nothing about BTW, I couldn't even get through the last book). So, at 1:00 am I was watching a very HOT Henry torture Catherine of Aragon and bang two of her ladies of waiting (in turn, creating his first of MANY bastards). I as also delighted to see that Cardinal Wolsey is portrayed as the slime ball that he was, and not martyred as he could have been. Never fear viewers, we all know that Anne Bolyne will make sure he gets his in the end!

So, I have a lot to do. I promise a decent summery of the show this evening, in addition to my Elizabeth article! My deadline has been moved up!


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