Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

The Reindeer and Rudolph have been fed:

Cookies and Milk are ready for Santa (does anyone else think its cool that Ms.Bean thought that Santa would like this cookie the most?):

And the living room looks like a Rockwell Painting:

Merry Christmas to All - And to All a Good Night!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Please DONT Pick Up Your Toys!

...............because when Mommy has to pick them up, she gets to see this first thing in the morning ..............

From fun

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bon Voyage

This morning, Ms. Bean got angry at me for the unforgivable act of taking rainbow glitter away after a 4 oz spill in the kitchen.

The following could be heard following a obligatory sulking period:

Ms Bean - Mommy, I am moving to Texas, because I don't like it in Virginia.
Me - I will miss you very much
Ms. Bean - no you wont, you will forget all about me.


Me - I will miss you very much, but if you are going to move, you should say good bye to Susie and Papa, they will miss you to.
Ms. Bean - Daddy - I am moving to Texas, good bye.
Tom - Hmmmm. Why Texas? Yuck.


Ms. Bean - Where's the phone?
Ms. Bean - I messed up the numbers. Can you help me call Susie? Please?
Me - This is just a thought, but if you cant dial the numbers, how are you going to navigate an airport? I think you better stay in Virginia.
Ms. Bean - I'm not taking a phone with me.


Ms. Bean - Good Bye Susie. Good bye. I'm moving to Texas. Because I don't like Virginia, and Mommy wouldn't let me mix all of the glue and glitter together. Why? Ok, then I will move to France. Ok. Ill miss you.


But, Susie ........... (sob sob sob), I dont know how to speak French. How will I move there?


Tom - Who wants to help me make pancakes.

Ms. Bean - Can I crack the eggs? Bye Bye Susie! Mommy ............... I'm not moving to Texas.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


These 2 pictures have been floating around for a while and I wanted to make sure that I got them posted. The first was done in October and is Ms. Bean "dressed as Ballerina". The second is a pastel drawing of "what see's when she looks out her bedroom window" (the Masonic Temple and Street Lights).


Monday, December 1, 2008

Little Bee and her Mommy

The other night Ms. Bean was doing a picture with pastels when her sister jumped up and decided to draw with us. She asked he to draw our front door and the wreath. The people (she and I) , grass, sun and sky was all her! Hate to brag, but my kids got talent!