Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring ahead, my noted absents, and answering the Mail


I am an hour behind in my life for the next 3 weeks while my Treo catches up with the Republicans Energy Pork Package. Just for the record Congress, we all know that the changes in the daylight savings bill had NOTHING to do with conserving energy and everything to do with keeping big business happy. The real winners? The candy companies who for the past decade have been trying to get Halloween covered by daylight savings so that the kids get an additional hour of trick-or-treating before bedtime. Well, they finally got it! Should make Dentists relatively happy as well. Gratefully, the Donkeys have come to town and further Pork will be better scrutinized.

My apologies to those of you who have missed my daily entries. I have not disappeared, have just been spending a little more time at The Schneider Cup preparing for Madness. I suspect that my time here will be sparse through next weekend, but I will be returning in full force by the 20th. Also, my "Miracle Bee" will be turning two this Wednesday and I have been preparing for an ELMO PARTY in my spare time.

A few comments about the mail:

I received this from "Jeff". It is a yahoo article detailing Chris Simons apology for his vile behavior on the ice last Thursday.

Simon says (there is a joke in there somewhere) "After watching the tape the morning after Thursday's game, I was disgusted. There is absolutely no place in hockey for what I did". He goes on to apologize to Ryan Hollweg, the Islanders, the fans and the NHL. He claims to have sustained a concussion when Hollweg checked him heavily into the boards, leaving him disoriented but said that it no justification for for the danger he put Hollweg in and the damage he caused the game.

OK. Call me a softy, but I think that this is a pretty decent and heartfelt apology. Certainly, he seems more sincere and remorseful then either Darcy Tucker (following the near decapitation of Rickard Zednick in 2002) or Marty McSorley's apology AFTER he was suspended for life in 2001. Of course, Simon has been suspended 5 times before for violence and once for Racial slurs. Perhaps he has perfected the "public apology" part of the game.

Check your smoke detectors!

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