Monday, March 12, 2007

Live Tournament Picks - 2007

OK. I have my empty bracket in front of me and I am getting ready to make my picks. This is going to be like watching a composer sit at the keys to write his most famous piece ......... I promise. Don't you feel the excitement brewing?

First of all - I am picking the #1 seed to beat the #16 seed across the board. I know that is cowardus, but I am a realist and as far as I know, a #1 has never lost in the first round.

Now, let us start in the East.

  • MSU over Marquette because I love Jeff
  • Arkansas over USC because they went all the way for me the first time I won the cup (and I like Armadillos)
  • Texas over NMS. This was hard because I generally hate the State of Texas. But Neil from the 7th grade lives there and I think they'll win.
  • GW over Vanderbilt. Yes, probably a throw away. 2 reasons. Both obvious.
  • Certainly I would NEVER choose ORAL ROBERTS UNIVERSITY? Does anyone who isn't a religious-nut-job go there? Washington State.
  • Boston over Texas Tech. Mass gave us Kerry, Kennedy, and Beans. Texas gave us W.
  • GT over Belmont. Live in DC. Where is Belmont?

East S-16

  • Michigan State - I love Jeff, and I HATE North Carolina and their fans
  • Texas over Arkansas - Yeah ............. sometimes a little realism in your decision making process is a good thing.
  • Washington St over GW - Sorry Colonials
  • Georgetown over Boston. Raised in New England, but my kids are from DC. Trump.

East Semifinals / Finals

  • Texas over State - Sorry Daddy, but I still love you
  • Georgetown over Washington
  • Georgetown over Texas

In the SOUTH:

  • Xavier over BYU. I'm sorry, but I just don't like BYU. I think you all know why.
  • Tennessee over Long Beach. Carolyn lives in Tenn. Long Beach is too close to San Diego
  • VA over Albany. Not an easy decision. VA will not make it much longer in my bracket
  • Louisville over Stanford. I know someone who want to Stanford. She is a bitch (and insane)
  • A&M over Penn. I never pulled for A&M, but Greg has had a shit month and he deserves something good.
  • Creighton over Nevada
  • Memphis over N. Texas. No clue here so I sent with the favorite and I (of course) hate Texas

South S-16:

  • Ohio (Yuck)
  • Tenn
  • A&M (Greg)
  • Creighton

South semifinals and Finals:

A&M over Ohio. This was not easy because I hate Texas and Ohio. However, Ohio is responsible for giving us W with their stupid swing state position and Greg gave me a job and rescued me from the Future Workforce section of my Agency.

In the Midwest:

  • Arizona over Purdue
  • Butler over ODU
  • MD over Davidson
  • Winthrop over Notre Dame (I generally like people from Penn State - this one's for them)
  • Oregon over Miami Ohio - Mark lives in Portland and its beautiful. I hate Ohio.
  • GA Tech over UNLV (What is that? Vegas?)
  • Wisconsin (I like Cheese)

Midwest S-16:

  • Florida over Arizona - It's not like anyone from Florida is going to get a job! Basketball is all they have!
  • MD over Butler - I like Lina
  • Winthrop over Oregon
  • Wisconsin over Georgia Tech.

Midwest Semifinals and finals:

Florida over Wisconsin - I like Cheese, but I like Gary more. Since when is Florida in the Midwest?

In the West:

  • Kentucky over Villanova. I spent YEARS rooting for Kentucky. Why stop now?
  • Illinois over VA Tech. I don't like someone from Tech SO MUCH that even though they are going to win, I feel better leaving them off my bracket.
  • Southern Ill over Holy Cross
  • VCU over Duke! I know a guy that went to Duke and he is a dick. This year I can justify my pick against them! Go Rams!
  • Pitt over Wright State
  • Zag over Indiana - Please don't throw a chair at me!
  • UCLA over Weber State, because I love Bob.

West S-16:

Kansas, Southern Ill, Pitt, UCLA (1,2,3,4) I can hear Joey bitching now. Stuff it.

West semifinals and finals:

Kansas over UCLA

So that makes my final 4: Florida (Gary) Kansas (Tim Dunn) Texas A&M (Greg) and Georgetown.

I have Florida beating Georgetown in my final game. Why? Because I was a shrew the whole time I worked for the Future Force Office (not that they didn't deserve it) and GARY STILL LIKES ME!


Papa Jeff said...

Interesting picks. Only time will tell if them make any sense.

By the way the chair thrower is now at Texas Tech so Boston College and maybe Georgetown better be careful.


lb said...

You're insane that's why you're my friend. The reasons for your picks are quite entertaining so if I were a god for the finals, I would have you win just because you justified every single one you picked. Gotta love it! Go TERPS! (though I doubt they'll make it beyond the sweet 16 *sigh)