Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Driver

For the past couple of days I have been driving Ms. Bean and her friend (Malcolm) to a Theater Camp. I have, for the most part, become completely invisible while the two of them chat away. Once in a while I get to say something, but I am getting the impression that I am an “annoyance that needs to be dealt with”, vice a productive member of the carpool.

I have to admit that I am rather enjoying this role. It both allows me to eavesdrop onto her world and discover what is really on her mind PLUS their discussions are hysterically funny. I promised myself that I would start to write some snippets down so that I would remember them. What better place then my (much loved but rarely used) blog?

Tuesday –

Malcolm – I wonder when that library will be finished with construction. It was big to begin with, now its going to be huge
Ms. Bean – Have you ever been to that library?
Malcolm – No, but I drive by it every Sunday when I go to Church.
Ms. Bean – What do you do at Church?
Malcolm – I dunno.
Ms. Bean – Do you like Church?
Malcolm – Yes. They have snacks.

Wednesday –

Ms. Bean – I really want to be Glenda in the play (Wizard of Oz).
Malcolm – I want to be a monkey, or the Wizard. I could be both because the monkeys and the Wizard are never in the same scene.
Ms. Bean – I want to be a girly character, like Glenda or Dorothy. I DON’T want to play a boy.
Malcolm – Hmmmm. Maybe I can be a Monkey, and a tree that throws apples at Dorothy.
Ms. Bean - (after some contemplation) – Well, if I am Dorothy and you are a tree and you throw apples at me ……. I will just turn my head and walk off stage.

Cant wait to see what Thursday brings.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Perfect Day

As a parent, there are many verbal milestones that you look forward to. Their first word. Their first song. The first time that they say "I love you". The first time that they read you a book. This morning, Ms. Bean surprised me with a sentence I was unprepared for, and it warmed my heart:

"Mommy, yesterday was the very best day of my whole life"

We spent yesterday with Toms brother Robert and my parents, enjoying a boat ride from Alexandria to Georgetown for lunch, and the return trip. It was a wonderful day, but "the best of my whole life" is a pretty rich statement.

"What was so special about it" I asked. Mildly stunned but delighted.

In a thoughtful and deliberate manner, I got the following response:

"Well, it was beautiful out, the wind blew in my hair, and I was with everyone I love".

Can I just bottle her up now. I never want to forget this time.