Thursday, December 31, 2009

Little Bee's New Years Resolution

My resolution is to spend more time with my Mom and Dad.

Ms. Beans New Years Resolution

My New Years resolution is to spend more time with the people I love. Im going to go across the world and visit the people that are in my family but I havent seen them in my whole entire life, because they are in different states.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Craft Weekend - 2009

I am really not a craft person.

Sure, over the years I have tried. When I was pregnant with Ms. Bean I even asked my mom to buy me a sewing machine and then spend the baby's future tuition on all the needles and faceplate's required to make quilts, cloth diapers (no really, I'm serious), bibs, and clothes. In the end, I successfully completed catnip toys for Skippy and then gave my mom the sewing machine.

I then spent about 2 years stalking the clearance sections at Michaels an Total Crafts. So, in my house is a ROOM full of foam shapes, tye dye components, beads, photo frame kits, paint, egg dying kids, charcoals, floss, yarn and fabric.

It will all be donated to a women's shelter right after the 1st of the year.

Recently the girls (now 6 and 4.5) have really taken to do-it-yourself projects. Knowing that I was unable to teach them, I looked to Google and in just a couple of minutes managed to find a host of free activities that were remarkably cool, and provided a full day of entertainment.

At 0900 we started out at HomeDepot for their monthly kids workshop. I discovered this program a few months ago while Tom shopped for a grill. It is the first Saturday of the month and the kids make adorable projects in about 20 minutes. Today, we made a wagon (below). Last months project was a Trivet. They give the kids an apron (just like the employees), an achievement pin, and a certificate.

After HomeDepot, we drove directly to Lowes for their Build and Grow Clinic to make a Wooden Ginger Bread House. I wasn't sure if we wanted to go the this because the craft looked lame in the promotional photo, but it was really cute! In addition to the craft, the girls received an apron, a patch with a Ginger Bread Man on it (which will force me to SEW, but I digress), safety goggles and a certificate. Bean (Purple) and Bee (Pink) made the following ................

Michaels was next on our tour. In just a few moments, the kids made a card and a stocking. They were offering the opportunity to make a Trinket box as well, but we were needing to prepare of part 2 of craft day.

Following lunch at Fridays (the kids wanted McDonalds, but Spouse wanted a beer and he was driving) we went to the local Unitarian Church (thanks Jim and Tamara for the invitation) which was having their Craft Workshop. The kids had a wonderful time and for a small donation made these gingerbread houses in addition to cards and ornaments.

So, for under $16 (which includes the paint), the kids walked away from this weekend happy, self confident, and tired. I walked away with a HUGE jump in the holidays. And, my house was not impacted by mess or additional clutter. In some commercials, they call that Priceless.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My return e-mail to Hardtimes Spam

I have NO idea what has happened to your King Street location, but our service last Sunday (and frankly the last several times we have been there) SUCKED! Your staff is clueless. We were there at around noon. There were about three tables filled upstairs and three staff members working. It took us 15 minutes to get water while one of the staff stood at the bar and looked as us (I guess that we weren’t at "her" table). I needed to ask for crayons for the kids 4 times (because we were given placemats to DRAW ON without them). The food was cold and the entire experience unpleasant.

Please take me off your mailing. At this point I have NO interest in your promotional materials.