Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Driver

For the past couple of days I have been driving Ms. Bean and her friend (Malcolm) to a Theater Camp. I have, for the most part, become completely invisible while the two of them chat away. Once in a while I get to say something, but I am getting the impression that I am an “annoyance that needs to be dealt with”, vice a productive member of the carpool.

I have to admit that I am rather enjoying this role. It both allows me to eavesdrop onto her world and discover what is really on her mind PLUS their discussions are hysterically funny. I promised myself that I would start to write some snippets down so that I would remember them. What better place then my (much loved but rarely used) blog?

Tuesday –

Malcolm – I wonder when that library will be finished with construction. It was big to begin with, now its going to be huge
Ms. Bean – Have you ever been to that library?
Malcolm – No, but I drive by it every Sunday when I go to Church.
Ms. Bean – What do you do at Church?
Malcolm – I dunno.
Ms. Bean – Do you like Church?
Malcolm – Yes. They have snacks.

Wednesday –

Ms. Bean – I really want to be Glenda in the play (Wizard of Oz).
Malcolm – I want to be a monkey, or the Wizard. I could be both because the monkeys and the Wizard are never in the same scene.
Ms. Bean – I want to be a girly character, like Glenda or Dorothy. I DON’T want to play a boy.
Malcolm – Hmmmm. Maybe I can be a Monkey, and a tree that throws apples at Dorothy.
Ms. Bean - (after some contemplation) – Well, if I am Dorothy and you are a tree and you throw apples at me ……. I will just turn my head and walk off stage.

Cant wait to see what Thursday brings.

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Grandma Susie said...

What a great little phrase to guide all of us through life; "Give me trouble and I will just walk off stage." Sarah is wise beyond her years. I'm sticking with her!.