Monday, July 27, 2009

The Perfect Day

As a parent, there are many verbal milestones that you look forward to. Their first word. Their first song. The first time that they say "I love you". The first time that they read you a book. This morning, Ms. Bean surprised me with a sentence I was unprepared for, and it warmed my heart:

"Mommy, yesterday was the very best day of my whole life"

We spent yesterday with Toms brother Robert and my parents, enjoying a boat ride from Alexandria to Georgetown for lunch, and the return trip. It was a wonderful day, but "the best of my whole life" is a pretty rich statement.

"What was so special about it" I asked. Mildly stunned but delighted.

In a thoughtful and deliberate manner, I got the following response:

"Well, it was beautiful out, the wind blew in my hair, and I was with everyone I love".

Can I just bottle her up now. I never want to forget this time.

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trader joe said...

That is amazing. Proof that life is wonderful.