Sunday, August 9, 2009

We're in Topsail!

This morning started our great adventure! Tom and I are on leave for the next two weeks, and are enjoying a few days at Gary and Jana's lovely home in North Carolina before heading to Disney World to meet the Woolcotts for a week long visit with Mickey!

I woke the girls up earlier then I should have this morning (in part because I was so excited) and as a result forgot EVERYTHING that I planned to bring (to include 90% of the food that we prepared and shopped for). So, while Tom Tom is at the grocery store, I had the girls draw pictures of what they did on Day 1 of their vacation:

Ms. Bean merged reality and fantasy to create the above collage. We have a 6-hour ride strapped into her booster, followed by a visit with a mermaid, and then dinner! Hmmmm.

Little Bee was more literal, and captured her wading in the Ocean. The first visit I might add, that she truly enjoyed, despite her terrified tears that filled the whole walk to the beach.

Tomorrow, I will unpack my camera and post some real photos!


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