Sunday, September 30, 2007

Nightstand - An update

Remember this post, in which I was concerned that my reading list had gotten a little out of hand and the floorboards below my nightstand where about to give way do to the volumes of novels needing my attention? Well, I have received a few inquiries regarding my progress. Here is an short update:

The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing - Even though this one was VERY close to trash, I picked it up and completed it rather quickly. It was surprisingly enjoyable, a very quick read, and fell into the "mindless entertainment" category that I so badly crave on occasion. Unfortunately if you want to read it, I cant loan it to you. Baby Bee ripped it apart page by page just hours after I finished it. I guess it was destine for "trash" after all.

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan - Finished it this evening and another of Patty's recommendations did not disappoint. Wonderful read, went quickly and learned a lot about Chinese culture. Highly recommended.

Lost on the Forest - You know how many novels are good for the first 200 or so pages and hideously boring for the last 40? This was the opposite. The last 20 pages pulled the story together and made it interesting and the rest was a sleeper. Don't do it!

I am now starting The Memory Keepers Daughter which was not on my nightstand but caught my eye at Books a Million. My goal is clear my nightstand of everything but the light and a coaster by Christmas. Who thinks it can be done?

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Anonymous said...

One more for you nightstand (and here you thought you were going to get it clean by Christmas!)! ;-)

Journey Across the Four Seas: A Chinese Woman's Search for Home

A wonderful, fascinating read - not too heavy, yet very fulfilling. It's like a peek into a brave woman's diary.

This book was written by my friend Veronica Li as told to her by her grandmother.

I'll get you a copy when you are ready for it.