Monday, October 1, 2007

Sarah's Blog

My name is Sarah. I really like to watch TV every day. I really love my mommy and my daddy and my sister and I wish I had a brother. I really love my papa and my Susie and I love to play outside with my friend Ryan every day.

I like to go to the zoo. I love to work on my own computer and I wish I could be a grown up soon. Then I could walk across the street all by myself. I would love to read my own book but I dont know how to read.

I have nightmares but my mommy comes and sleeps in my bed for just a little bit and then she walks away and I feel better. I like to when she says goodbye when she leaves.

I like to wear dresses and skirts and short sleeve shirts.

I love my pet kitty.

That is the end of my blog. The end.

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Papa Jeff said...

Sarah is such a love.