Friday, September 28, 2007

Fair Winds and Following Seas ..............

My apologies for not blogging this week, Jeff and Susie returned from their latest European adventure and the girls have been soaking up all of their time. For some reason, watching TV at Papa and Susie's house is just better.

Yesterday I ceased my employment at the Coast Guard after over 15 years.

I will never forget my first day there, driving into what was an absolute slum where I knew no one but a man named John Hess (to whom I still adore). I quickly became well versed in bridge engineering principles, navigation rules, inter modal transportation issues, boating safety, performance measures and large scale acquisition program management. I watched technology change in unimaginable ways! When I got to HQ, we were using Document Designer ........ yesterday I turned in my Treo. The travel was decent, sometimes I was gone for longer then I wanted to be, but I picked up over 2/3 of the country for the scorecard of life.

I also was married, divorced, met Tom, finished an M.P.A, remarried, and had my 2 biggest reasons for living. I made some good friends who I will always treasure (and yes, they are blog readers) and lost some people too early.

All and all, it was a good ride. I am looking forward to my next DHS adventure, and to taking the good parts with me!



trader joe said...

Well, I'd like to say that the CG never really understood what kind of talent and insight they had in you. Much less your talent for writing.

We will all miss your (quirky) sense of humor, and some of us will sorely miss your grasp of the nicer things in life. Of course, the chocolate bill will go down substantially.

It wouldn't kill you to send out a new work email now, would it?

Congratulations. I hope the new boss realizes the talent he/she just got.


Pennyfeather said...

Well, Here's effiency for you ........ I still dont have a new e-mail address! Maybe after the 10 week security check they forgot I was coming??????????

Any vacancys in your office?