Friday, September 21, 2007

Cold Stone Creamerys Response

Here is the response I received to my e-mail to Cold Stone Creamery:

I am the owner of the Cold Stone that you visited today. I've read you're complaint, and would like to apologize for your experience.

I have no reasonable excuse for you. Unfortunately, we're already aware that this particular location is continuing to have more experiences like this than it should (it should have zero). Although we train and re-train the crews at our stores, this particular location simply gives us problems with regard to finding good crew members. We had fantastic crews the first couple of summers that the location was open, but this store simply no longer seems capable of running the way it used to. Furthermore, we're already aware that this happens far more than it should at this store, and we are doing everything we can to fix the problem.

Our manager certainly will be informed of your feedback, and he and I will address the problem and see that it is corrected. We'll be able to determine which shift supervisor and employee were in the store during your visit.

I certainly understand if you choose not to return to Cold Stone. However,if you do, please feel free to contact me directly to provide any and all feedback that you may choose to share. At the very least, understanding the details of your visit at this location gives us a chance to correct our problems.


Robert Solomon
Cold Stone Creamery
Northern Virginia, Alexandria - Arlington - Woodbridge
703-395-3249 Main240-526-5892 Fax

Let me see if I understand this correctly, not only is Robert Soloman aware of this situation and apparently has done little to improve it, he would like for me to be his own personal mystery shopper in the future?

If I were Mr. Soloman, I would be in that store daily serving ice cream with a smile until I get a capable crew in that location! Rather, he appears to be happy relying on first time only tourist business to keep that location above board.

Not only will I not be retuning to the Hoffman Center location, I will not be visiting any of the Cold Stone Creamery's in Alexandria, Arlington or Woodbridge.

Ben and Jerrys, here we come!


trader joe said...

How exactly can the experience of ice cream be ... bad? they really must have gone out of their way. I love it that they used you're in place of your. Spell checker works, grammar checker...not so much.

Papa Jeff said...

And at Ben and Jerrys you can get ice cream that is named after dead rock stars or late night talk show hosts. It is a wonderful place.

George H. said...

I go to this particular location all the time and never have any problems. I do remember the employees there being a little more lively in the past. But I think he does explain that he's doing something about it. I hope he does! I don't want to have to go elsewhere! Cold Stone is the best ice cream on the planet!