Friday, October 28, 2011

Mom missed that lesson .....................

Last Wednesday while tucking Little Bee (now 6 ) into bed;

Little Bee - Mom, you and I ever get to spend time together anymore (she was refering to an improptu over-nighter that Ms. Bean and I took last weekend with some friends to the beach).

Me -- You're right.  Sarah has a birthday party Friday night.  How about if we go out to dinner and have some Mommy/Leah time?

Little Bee - I would LOVE that!  Can I bring a friend? (Hmmmmm.  What happened to Mommy/Leah time?)

Me - Sure.  Who do you want to bring?  Bella?  Tori?  Ella?  Ohhhhh!!!!! I KNOW!  How about Liam (the adorable boy in her first grade glass, who she insisted I get a picture of last week when I was in for lunch).

Little Bee - (looking alarmed and rather discusted) - MOOOOMMMM!  Have you ever heard of playing hard-to-get?  Geeeeessshhhhh!

Nope.  I guess I need to go back to Elementry School and learn a thing or two.

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