Friday, October 28, 2011

I really need to start writing these things down ........

Clearly, technology has replaced technology. Between Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (which I have but NEVER use), and the thing they put into the office that is supposed to be for work, but is really used to make fun of the guy running the conference call, I NEVER seem to blog anymore.
And it is possible, that only my mother misses me.
However, I really hate for my blog to become completely dormant, because I started it for my kids, and they don't read my posts, or my tweets, or my cutting comments about the guy running the conference call. But one day, they might want to read about the randomness of my life, if nothing else to provide their therapists with documentation about why they are the way they are.
So, I have decided to use this as a place to jot down those things "I really need to write down". They might be snippets of my day, and they may or not make sense, but since this is my little corner of the web, it is what is is.
Feel free to follow along, and comment when you can. I still treasure my readers, as you know, because you are all "Friends" in an alternate universe.

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