Sunday, March 15, 2009

March 14 - 2009

Yesterday our Lovely Leah turned 4! It was a very busy day, but in the morning I had a few moments to reflect on how she has changed over the past year, and how she changed our family.

Yesterday as I watched her sleep, it occurred to me that Leah completes us. Her generosity and kind nature is grounding and she is a constant reminder to all of us that miracles come in many amazing packages. Her sense of humor keeps up on our does, and brings laughter into our hearts.

In many ways, Leah is your average American Girl. She is into Princesses, the color Pink (though now she is now leaning more toward Red), butterflies, and jewelry. She loves to run, laugh, play with chalk and climb up the slide. In other ways, she is years beyond her physical self. A friend of mine describes her as "someone who was her before", and I am not sure that is untrue. She loves biology, constellations, planets, and classical music. She also adores her sister more then life. Leah's sense of family and the meaning of the word, appears to have the depth most people don't achieve until they have their own children.

4 years ago today, I was staring into the runny eyes of a child, and wondering how she was going to fit into our world. I never thought that a simple presents would light up all of our lives the way she does.

Happy 4th Birthday Little Bee! Mom

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