Sunday, March 15, 2009

Less then 2 hours after writing this post about Little Bee's kindness and sensitivity, she and I had 2 back to back conversations:

1) At my parents house:

BB - Mom, I don't want to go home
me - Why Leah? Do you want to stay here?
BB - I want you to leave, I am going to stay here.
me - Leah, we were going to spend the afternoon together having some special time.
BB - But, I don't want to be with you
me - Why?
BB - Because I don't like your face

2) 10 minutes later
Susie - Leah, did you have fun at your party yesterday?
BB - no
Me - No? what was your favorite part?
BB - Nothing
Me - Umm. What didn't you like?
BB - (after rolling eyes), I didn't like anything. I didn't like the food. I didn't like the decorations. I didn't like the balloons. (very long pause) I just like the presents.

I can tell, that 4, is going to be a Good Good time with Little Bee!

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Grandma Susie said...

And she is our present!