Tuesday, February 17, 2009

(Ms. Beans assignment was to Dictate an adventure that she had in the past, and tell us what she remembered. Here is the trip she took to the Baltimore Aquarium a year ago)

My first visit to the Aquarium

I went to the aquarium with mommy and the rest of my family. Leah, Grandma, Grandpa, Daddy, and Mommy were all there. On the way into the Aquarium, we saw a statue of shark teeth. When I first went in the door, I saw pictures of animals close up. They made me feel happy.

I saw the dolphin show. It was really cool. The dolphins did a lot of tricks and they even splashed a little. I saw sharks too! I wasn’t afraid. The sharks have big teeth. I ran around seeing all kinds of Sharks from the top to the bottom. I saw a jelly fish. The jelly fish looked like a shell, but when I saw the legs I knew that it was a Jelly fish. There were rainbow fish and black fish. There were tiny fish. I even saw puffins. I saw sting rays. Some were spotted, some were striped. I even saw a few crabs. The crabs had pink shells and purple shells. Some even had yellow shells.

My sister and my father saw an Octopus. I was too scared, so I didn’t go.

I saw some frogs. The frogs where red, blue and some were black.

After the Dolphin show, we can go under the Dolphin lake and see them behind the glass under water. During the Dolphin Show, we see a movie about taking care of the Dolphins.

Dolphins have a belly bottom just like us!

There is a place where you can touch real animals. I touched a snail where it was slimmed. They also taught me how to pick up a stingray without getting stung.

After our visit, we go to the gift shop. They have bouncy fish balls and Dolphins that are sparkly. Papa bought me a frog magnet.

I would like to go back soon!


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