Sunday, February 8, 2009

25 Random things

You have either heard of the "25 Random Things about me", or, you have been living under a rock. I tried not to do it, and posted a letter in its place explaining that I am simply not an interesting individual. That didn't fly with my friends. Here is another attempt ............. XO D

1) I remember the first time that my husband spoke to me vividly, and it was 3 years before we met. He said hello at the local post office. I was new in town and hadn’t met many people. It was nice to have someone talk to me.
2) I absolutely hate rodents, especially rats. If I see one, I will never return to that location. It is for this reason that Tom convinced me that the thing in front of our Payne Street house was a Possum.
3) Tom and I were told that we would never have children naturally. Therefore, we will always consider Leah to be our “miracle child”.
4) Sarah was IVF, and it was a long, painful road to conception. The second that she was born, we knew that she was worth the wait.
5) I don’t like to work. It’s not the job, but the fact that is has to be done. Knowing that makes going to work easier.
6) My mother is my hero. She didn’t like to wok either.
7) My father is my very favorite person. I didn’t like him very much as a teen.
8) I am not a vegetarian, but have a fundamental problem with hunters/hunting. I don’t believe that people should enjoy the act of killing and destruction.
9) I can’t spell
10) I am the very best parallel parker you will ever meet. No idea why, because my driving leaves something to be desired.
11) I have loved the Washington Capitals for 28 years. Prior to the Caps, I was a Bruins Fan. I have NEVER been a Red Wings Fan
12) I don’t like the Redskins, even when they’re winning
13) I don’t like the Wizards, even when they’re loosing.
14) I call my kids “Bean” and “Bee”.
15) I feel guilty every single day for something related to my girls. Sometimes it is not spending enough time with them, or, not having enough patience, or not saying the right thing. I hope that one day they know I tried my very best and adore them every second.
16) I detest Okra.
17) I take pictures almost every single day. They don’t always get uploaded, but I take them.
18) My parents have always said that I can be counted on to say the exact wrong thing at the exact wrong time. I kind of like that trait.
19) At the age of 32, I tracked down my 5th grade teacher and asked him to change the grade on a science paper because his written justification didn’t support the loss of a ½ letter. He, visibly shaken, agreed. Then we got drunk and talked about people.
20) I am finding this a very uncomfortable exercise.
21) I really like face book. It makes me laugh every day. I have some pretty cool friends. I have also “de-friended” some really creepy people.
22) I can no longer just watch TV or just surf the internet. I must do them simultaneously.
23) I don’t like ground beef. You really never know what is ground into it.
24) I cant drink beer out of a bottle. I try, but I spill. If you don’t have a glass, I will settle for a can.
25) I have been very blessed with good lasting friends. My husband is my best friend.

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