Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fish Shopping

Today we went fish shopping. We needed to replace our much loved, yet departed "violet". So, off we went to PetSmart looking for "Petals" new partner. The girls had mutually decided to name their new pet "Obama", and we were looking for one of those "black" goldfish like Arnold had on "One Day at a time". Finally, we spotted the perfect Fish! It was a brownish-black fish with personality and a fresh outlook! We were sold!

That is until the lady at PetSmart told us that we shouldn't buy a second fish for our 10-gallon tank, because the water would turn toxic too quickly and kill them both (which might explain the sudden tragic death of "Violet"). So we left PetSmart empty handed with only the memory of Obama-the=fish in our hearts.

The Petsmart woman was either the worlds WORST fish salesperson OR a very disgruntled McCain Supporter.

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