Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Beans letter to Susie

Susie - I love you and I hope that you will come home soon to love me and hug me a lot. And, make sure that you give Papa a hug of love when you see him. You are the sweetest girl that I ever saw and I hope that you have a good dinner with your friends. You are the most loveliest person I ever met. You are so beautiful, lovely and gorgeous.

Susie - You love me and I love you too and I hope you have a good sleep when you come home from your dinner.

Love, Sarah


Anonymous said...

Hello My Love! I had a wonderful dinner with my friends and Papa. Actually, what made it perfect was coming home to find your sweet, adoring, and thoughtful letter on my computer. I did give papa the "hug of love" that you asked me to give him. He did enjoy it. Do you know that you are my sunshine even when it is dark outside? Well, you certainly are! I hope you had a nice evening with your family. I know that you enjoyed your swim. My friends remarked about how well you are doing in the pool. You must be so proud of yourself. Last year your feet were trying to find the bottom of the pool and this year your feet just want to swim. I am sending you a big kiss-----MAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Did you catch it? I love you and adore you so so so so so much! Hugs and Kisses. Your Susie

trader joe said...

Pennyfeather! You've left us wondering - where were the letters? what were they written on? Perhaps a photo of the originals with the new camera??? We miss you in SW!
p.s. wedding 6 weeks from tomorrow. you'll get the invitation soon...