Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Dump Day!

It is hard to believe that this is the 5th anniversary of "dump day". I think that we should all run out and have a reenactment, to assure that we never forget such an amazing experience. This can be easily accomplished, with very little planning:
1) Acquire the only SUV in Virginia
2) Find a driver with plenty of time on her hands, preferably one on her first day of maternity leave with an induction scheduled in 48 hours.
3) Try and get the drivers father to actually drive the vehicle, and put the pregnant woman in the front seat.
4) Put a variety of items into the car, to include aluminum, glass, metal, and cardboard. This will ensure that you have the ultimate experience.
5) Confirm directions with your neighbor, and let him assist you with placing the items into the back of the SUV.
6) Arrive at the dump
7) Place glass into recyclable containers, and follow arrows to the indoor disposal facility
8) Make sure that this is ONLY DONE in the summer when the garbage from the indoor facility has adequate heat exposure.
9) Pull into the indoor disposal facility, and TAKE IT ALL IN!

1 comment:

Papa Jeff said...

Go on try it. You will never forget the experience. I think that Sarah decided that she did not want to come out of her safe place.