Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hunters - I still get mad thinking about them!

About 15 years ago, I lived on a farm in Southern Maryland. It was there that I had a real opportunity to observe deer, and their amazing presence. It was during that time that I also learned to DETEST guns, and hunters.

Every year after Thanksgiving, the gross redneck hunters would line the neighboring properties, and squeal when they "got one", all the while chewing tobacco and smelling like Budweiser. They also voted republican.

I was reminded of that time last weekend when I shot these photos with the girls at Oxon Hill Farm. How anyone can find joy in the destruction of something this amazing is beyond me.

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Anonymous said...

Deer meat tastes pretty good, particularly if you gut it pretty quick after hitting it after it commits suicide by jumping in front of your truck. But it all comes down to how momma breads and fries it up. Hmmm.

Of course if you are the type of person to veer out of the way, then a few too many of them will cause you to drive off the road and wreck the truck. And, after walking back to the shack, you will be hungry.

There is nothing wrongs with guns and republicans. Sure, every once in a while the gun goes off and one of their number is lost. Plus think of the gun industry. Would you really want all those decent people to lose their livelihood? Of course not.

There is also the issue of population control. Can you imagine a hunter after drinking a 12-pack trying to reduce the deer population with a night stick? It would be unfair. Fat man - 1 night stick. Buck - 12 point rack.

Yep, deer meet is almost as good as veal. Are you a vegetarian? Do you feel sad when you eat salad knowing someone killed that thriving biological organism? Do you think plants scream but we just can't hear them? These are things one can think about while silently waiting for a big buck to enter a field.

Do you think the folks in India are on the right track by never eating beef because cows are sacred? Can you get mad cow disease from a deer?