Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Baby Bee's Pets

My Parents went to Eastern Europe a couple weeks ago, and entrusted us with 2 of their herb plants. The day after they left, I noticed that there were a few very tiny bugs on the leafs, and went to "remove" them. Baby Bee, who was with me at the time, would have no part of that! She declared that they were her "friends", and began to speak with them daily as they GREW. Two and a half weeks later, we have three pet Black Swallowtail caterpillars and a rather sad looking Dill Plant. The Caterpillars are of different shapes and sizes, and are absolutely adored by Baby Bee (and the rest of us are pretty fond of them as well).

This is "Mommy Caterpillar" and "Sister Caterpillar"

Here is "Baby Caterpillar"

Here is a pencil and "Mommy Caterpillars", so you can see how enormous she is (you can actually notice them grow overnight! "Mommy Caterpillar was the size of "baby caterpillar" when she came to stay with is).

Here is a pencil and "baby caterpillar",

and, here is "sister caterpillar", from another angle,

My parents are returning home from their Eastern European adventure this evening. Tomorrow, I will be buying them a new Dill Plant.

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