Sunday, April 6, 2008

Next Fall on the Lifetime Network

You couldnt have written a Hollywood script any better.

A team with a small but loyal following fails for 5 years to make the playoffs. It is the 10 year anniversary from their only appearance at the Stanley cup finals. They acquire a young star from Russia and re-outfit their team, colors and logo around him. But for the first 50 days of the season, they are the single worst team in their conference.

On Thanksgiving Day, after a week of crowd chants to fire their Coach, they finally let him go, temporarily promoting the Coach from their farm team in Pennsylvania. He wins his first game, and slowly they begin to work their way up in the standings.

There are setbacks. Their Captain has a season ending injury, along with their first line center. But, they go into the all star break with pride and dignity not recognized in previous seasons.

After the all star break, they return to their mediocre ways.

At the trade deadline, the General Manager brings in a few free agents that change the team around. A goalie that, for in intents and purposes, replaces the last beloved player from their only Stanley Cup appearance, and an aging icon who destroyed the teams champion dreams 10 years ago, by beating them on their own ice.

Together, this team climbs the standings one game at a time, winning the Southeast Championship in the final 2 days of the season, in front of a sellout crowd dressed in the new logo.

Who'd of thunk it?

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Papa Jeff said...

No matter what happens in the Playoffs this was a remarkable and enjoyable season. Go CAPS.