Sunday, April 6, 2008

Catching Up On The Mail

The Caps:

SouthEast Division Champions! More on them in another entry, but thanks to my readers for your support of the most amazing players, team, and Coach in Washington History! It is a GREAT time to be a Caps fan. I will be proudly displaying my Ovie Bobble head in my office, and plan to wear my new Jersey to work tomorrow.

The Tudors:

YES! I have been watching with great interest, and really appreciate all of the comments that I have received on last years "Tudor Series". I do enjoy the way that they are (rather accurately) portraying Henry's tyrance emerge as he becomes more obsessed with Anne Boleyn. I also think that they are doing Thomas More justice by their portrayal of his character. Anxious to see how they handle the Jane Seymour affair later in the season.

Charlton Heston:

Dead. Good Riddance! Your ideas about Gun Control (or lack thereof) were barbaric, dangerous, and irresponsible. As a mother of small children, I can not forgive your using your celebrity for such evil.

Promise to blog later. Off to feed the kids.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Mr. Heston believed in that which he believed. Right or wrong he was honest with himself.

Guns are NOT appropriate for all circumstances. But arms are necessary for some circumstances.

Drunk students should never have guns.
Sober citizens when attacked from abroad should all be armed.

And so the ability to need, require, and legally possess arms of varying degrees of sophistication will always be debatable based on the circumstances of those involved and the times in which they have lived.

Whether you will be a victim or survivor can depend on your preparation. Whether you are a murderer or a defender can depend on your preparation, and also on your reaction.

Regardless of all of the above, the relevant amendment (2nd?) uses a semicolon (significant separation) and the word, "infringe". These are so significant and obvious that there can be no real debate on the meaning of the founding fathers.

Those that agree, and those that disagree should stop arguing the ideals from 200 years ago and attempt to establish new legislation for the modern times. In short, the Bill of Rights exists and we should not cheapen it with nonsensical definitions, but modernize it with MAJORITY amendments.

I hope you find this useful for inspiring future debates.

S_tim (S is for super)