Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Live Picking - Round 1

Back by popular demand …………….. Live Picking …….. 2008

Just like last year, I have my bracket in front of me, and I am about to fill in the form. I know that my readers love to see how I make my selections every year in my effort to get my name on the coveted Schneider Cup. So with no further delay, here we go …..

I always choose the #1 seeds to win the first round. This year will be no exception. I am not stupid, and to the best of my knowledge #16 has never beaten a #1 in the first round.

Starting with the East:

Baby Bee’s favorite color is Red, bright red. So I am choosing Indiana over Arkansas.
The next is tough, because both George Mason and Notre Dame are Green. However, since Notre Dame is a higher seed they will be white with Green lettering, and that looks nicer, so I am going with them.
Washington State over Winthrop. Washington is pretty and my friend Dennis went there for Grad school.
St. Josephs over Oklahoma because people from Oklahoma hunt (and probably smell).
Louisville over Boise State, because even Idaho is boring and there is nothing there but potatoes. My friends Ron and Jeff are from Louisville.
South Alabama over Butler. I struggled over this because people from Alabama probably hunt and smell. However, if you are from South Alabama, basketball is probably all you will ever have. People from Indianapolis (Butler), might actually get a job some day.
Tennessee over American. Carolyn and Lee live in Nashville and would KILL me if I didn’t support their team.

In the Midwest:

UNLV over Kent State. Vegas is fun. Ohio gave us W.
Clemson over Villanova. That was Ms. Beans pick. She likes the Paw Print.
Siena over Vanderbilt. I really like to cheer against Vanderbilt. Especially since two of their alumni are competing for my cup.
USC over Kansas State. I knew 1 guy from Kansas State and he was an ass. USC looked fun on 90210.
Wisconsin over CSF. I LOVE Cheese
Davidson over Gonzaga. I am sort of over Zag. They disappoint too often.
Georgetown over UMBC. I will NEVER choose UMBC to win anything.

In the South:

Mississippi State over Oregon. I was up in the air over this 8/9 match. SO, I went to the old standby. Maroon and White is Prettier then Green and Yellow.
Michigan State over Temple.
Pittsburg over Oral Roberts University. This is just a guess, but I suspect that I would not enjoy having a drink with ANY Oral Roberts University Alumni.
Kentucky over Marquette. I like Kentucky. Always have.
Stanford over Cornel. I don’t like Stanford Alumni and I like the Cornel Light Blue and White. However, I have a gut feeling about this round. Don’t expect Stanford to go much further in my Bracket.
St. Mary’s over Miami. Coin Toss. Literally.
Texas over Austin Peay. Neil from the 7th grade is in Texas.

In the West:

Texas A&M (for Greg)
Drake (remember that Seinfeld episode about “the Drake”. That was funny.
Connecticut over San Diego. I hate San Diego and most of their residents.
Baylor over Purdue.
Xavier over GA
W. VA over Az
Duke over Belmont (do not expect to see Duke in the next round, I have yet to meet someone from Duke I like).

Time to leave the office. Stay tuned for my second round picks, after my drive home.

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