Sunday, October 21, 2007

We missed our 15 minutes!

Several months ago Susie, Papa and I took the girls to see Milkshake at XM Radio's Rompus Room downtown. They filmed the show for the purpose of making the videos to promote their new album. The girls were dressed to the 9's, wearing their tutu's and stripped shirts! We were going to be stars!

Here is the video.

If you look carefully you will see Susie and Papa in the back. The rest of us are no where to be found. Oh well ................... maybe the fact that Ms. Bean never removed her fingers from her ears had something to do with it?


Trader Joe said...

Amazing. I learn so much parenting vicariously here. I must admit, that was my first Milkshake video experience (and they're really quite good). Was Papa in the big yellow foam cowboy hat?

Papa Jeff said...

You must have good eyes to see Susie and Papa. I could not find us anyplace. I can only think that the editor worked real hard to keep us out.