Sunday, September 2, 2007

Were did the Babies go ?????

Today we took down baby-bee's crib and moved her into Ms. Beans bed. Ms. Bean gave up the toddler bed and moved into the big girl bed. Tom washed and folded up the crib sheets and mattress pad. I know that it was time, evidenced by the fact that baby-bee has already found her way out of her new bed to complain about her scratchy blanket (it took her sister 5-days to figure out that she was mobile when not sleeping in a crib).

The girls are laying in bed discussing the events of the day, and tomorrows trip to the farm. I am tearing up and hiding from the girls ............. not wanting them to know that I am having trouble with their latest milestone. Does watching them grow ever get any easier?


trader joe said...

Alright miss emotion...why is it sad instead of a celebration?!? You just need chocolate... I wish you'd remember how lucky you are!

Papa Jeff said...

Trader Joe is right, but no it never gets easier.