Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The National Zoo and Huntley Meadows Park

Tom and I certainly are enjoying out time off with the girls!

We have been to the National Zoo, Green Springs Gardens Park, 2 neighborhood playgrounds, Huntley Meadows Park, and several local restaurants, and its only Tuesday! The idea of going back to work makes me want to cry, but, there is a silver lining ................ we leave for a 1 week bonus vacation in 2 weeks!

I am including photos of the zoo and Huntley Meadows Park in this post. The photos of Huntley Meadows don't do it justice. We went entirely too late for decent shots, and, baby bee had a meltdown and required carrying for the last mile of our visit! Important tip ...... when visiting this location .... DO NOT FORGET YOUR STROLLER!

The National Zoo - Visited 6/30/07

Huntley Meadows Park - Visited 7/1/07

Enjoy! D

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