Sunday, July 1, 2007

Green Springs Garden Park

Several years ago, before I had the girls, I had an interest in Floral Photography. During that time, I discovered Green Springs Garden park, which is a little gem off of Duke Street behind the Goodwill. Tom and I fell in love with the park, and eventually decided to get married in their Gazebo. The day was perfect, and the flowers could not have been more spectacular.

So, now that Ms. Bean has an intense fascination with Weddings and everything bride (I guess it is a 4-year old thing), we decided to take the girls to the place "mommy and daddy got married". The pictures I got of the girls we mediocre. The photo's that I was able to get when I wasn't shooting the kids, or chasing after them, were actually decent.

Since I have been looking for a reason to dive into Picasa, I am sharing them here.

I need to spend a lot more time behind a lens.

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