Friday, June 29, 2007


Hello all! Well, we are about to start a 5 day weekend, and I am delighted. Even better, Tom is taking those days off with us. That means that with the exception of the 2 hours we need to spend at the pediatrician for Ms. Bean's 4-year old checkup (and associated shots), it should be a great time. I know that tomorrow starts with the Zoo, not sure where we are going to go after that. No doubt that my loyal readers will find out shortly.

Who are my readers anyway? I know that there is Jeff, Susie, Patty, Trader Joe (a.k.a. Paul's Pups), and occasionally Carolyn. I have heard rumors of Others, but they have not identified themselves. Where are my 1798 hits coming from? Comment please. Show yourselves.

Thank you for asking. I am, in fact, off the wagon. I know that you are thinking that shows I have no self control. But, who didn't already know that? I am now practicing "moderation" which suits me better, and makes those around me happy. A nice compromise. Should also make me less "cranky" since I am about to embark on a 5-day weekend.

I love you Robert. Sorry life is sucking right now. Will call this weekend!


P.S. I just overheard Ms. Bean give Tom a lecture on the dangers of Plaque and the importance of brushing. The kid continues to floor me!

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Trader Joe said...

Hooray! That's one wagon departure that I agree with. Life without wine can bend you to a salty disposition. Pop a cork! Smile!