Thursday, April 5, 2007


I have found a new obsession, and I am NOT proud.

I have, for the first time, discovered the Dollar Store. I discovered them about a week ago when I checked one out after reading about them on some blogs trying to come up with ideas for Ms. Beans princess party. To date, I have been to three (but one of them I visited twice). I have spend a small fortune on shit that I otherwise NEVER would have looked at ......... because it was a dollar! I probbly would have been better off just burning a couple of $20 bills at home and saved the gas. Let me try and recount my trips for you:

Trip 1 - The dollar Store - Rose Hill Shopping Center (I had about 4 minutes killing time before a Dr. appointment).
  • Replacement Princess Puzzle for Baby Bee (she ate the first)
  • Some plastic Ariel disks (still don't know what they are) for Ms. Bean.
  • Pink Ribbon for Princess Wands
  • Purple Ribbon for Princess Wands
  • Party Invitations for Princess Party
  • Stickers (don't now why)

Trip 2 - The Dollar Store - Springfield with Sarah waiting for a Birthday Party to start. Searching for a Tiera because I needed to throw away her Tiera making kit after the Chocking incident. Never did find the Tiera (though there were plenty at Rose Hill the day before). Ended up getting it at Target for $6 and Bean looked at it for about 6 minutes before loosing interest.

  • 8 Purple Purses for Princess Party
  • Comb and Mirror set for Ms. Bean
  • Comb and Mirror set for Baby Bee
  • Pipe Cleaners for Princess Rings

Trip 3 - The Dollar Store - Rose Hill - AGAIN. Specific Purpose - EASTER

  • 2 Egg Dying kits
  • 2 more purple purses (I was afraid 8 wouldn't be enough)
  • 2 table clothes for princess party
  • cutlery for princess party
  • 2 packages Purple plates for Princess Party
  • 2 packages construction paper
  • 2 Calculators
  • Easter Egg Grass
  • 2 packages pens
  • Glitter for Princess Wands
  • 2 packages Napkins for Princess Party

Trip 4 - Landmark Mall with Mom and Girls. The store was awful, smelled musty and messy. Didn't stop me from spending money.

  • 2 tiny plastic chairs for the deck
  • small plastic table to match chairs
  • Straws for Princess Wands
  • Elmo book (because you can never have enough Elmo books).
  • 3 packages for tumbler glasses for Princess Party
  • 2 Jump Ropes for girls
  • ANOTHER Table Cloth for Princess Party

I am sure that I am missing at least three items so, it looks like in just a couple of days I have spent $50 on crap I didn't need or want. I already had the Party favors for the Princess Party and upon returning home discovered that I already had enough Purple tableware to feed all of Queen Marys Court! Clearly, I need to buy a franchise!

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