Friday, February 2, 2007

Sarah's Questions

So, I asked Sarah, my 3 year old the following questions:

Where do babies come from? Sarah: From the baby store, that looks like a big can of soup (ok, clearly we need to work on sex education).

What is a rain forest? Sarah: Like a big jungle (not sure that I can take credit for this, she watches "Go Diego Go".

How big is the world? Sarah: This big (she stretches her arms out) and it looks like a big cannon ball.

What is church? Sarah: Hmmmmm. I don't know a church.

Why do birds build nests? Sarah: So they can live in it

How do baby birds get into the nest? Sarah: In eggs

How do the eggs get in the nest? Sarah: the birds pick them up

Who loves you the most in the whole wide world? Sarah: Papa and Susie (I guess I should be a little crushed here, but I'm not).

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