Saturday, February 3, 2007

A random thought before bed ............

There is a difference between a Bumble Bee and a Honey Bee.

According to Wikipedia, Bumblebees are flying insects of the genus Bombus in the family Apidae. They are relatives of the honey bees, but tend to be larger and more visibly furry.

Honey bees are a subset of bees which represent a far smaller fraction of bee diversity than most people suspect. These bees are the only living members of the tribe Apini, all in the genus Apis, and all of which produce and store liquified sugar ("honey") to some degree, and construct colonial nests out of wax secreted by the workers in the colony. Other types of related bee produce and store honey, but only members of the genus Apis are considered true honey bee.

I did not know that there was this interesting distinction, and now I do. It is important for me to fully understand the difference since I suspect I will be watching a lot of Winnie the Poo in the near future.

OK. Off to bed. I have a busy day tomorrow. In addition to breakfast with my Parents (Happy Birthday Susie) and cooking dinner for friends, I get to prepare some papers for my Life Insurance Company. I was feeling rather stressed out about two months ago and decided to start a low dose of Welabutrin. At the same time we decided to get a little more life insurance so that the kids would be taken care of in the event of our untimely departure, which relieved a good deal of that stress. Well, now the life insurance company has decided to hold up our request for additional life insurance until they fully understand why I require an anti-depressant. Where do I start? How about, because I routinely have to answer to judgemental corporate insurance weenies like you who ask stupid questions about my mental health since I choose to take all possible measures to ensure my kids have a completely well balanced mom?

I digress. Night Night.


Anonymous said...

Test on comments

Anonymous said...

The comment that I made yesterday that did not (for some reason) get sent is that anyone who realizes that a good reason for taking an anti-depressant is the $644,122,401,133 + that is (apparently) being wasted in Iraq. It seems to me that they should be more worried about the people who are not taking anti-depressants. Of course, who am I to talk.