Thursday, February 15, 2007

I need ...............................

There has been this rather silly game going around the Internet for a while. Needing a small break from the "Tudor series" and some mindless entertainment I thought that I would give it a shot. Go to Google and put your name and the word "needs" surrounded by quotation marks. Then see the first 10 things that come up -

Here's mine:

1) Diane needs a pigfoot and a bottle of beer, some reefer and some gin, and a crawlin' kingsnake (this is going to be a fun game!)
2) Diane needs to reconcile both sides of herself -- to love herself
3) Diane needs to get out of my boyfriends life (well, OK then ...............)
4) Diane needs to be more sexy and more out there
5) Diane needs to try to own her feelings
6) Diane needs: a little discipline and a little training (sorry! No longer in high school!)
7 Diane needs parents to be involved with a March 7th discussion with a city engineer at 3:15 re: safe routes to school.
8) Diane needs to rethink her plans regarding her decision to take a cruise on the Rhine as waitress in the buff
9) Diane needs to know what Tony does for a living (is he a city engineer or a waiter?)
10) Diane needs to participate more in class discussions (back to the high school thing .......)

Well, this certainly has been fun! Who needs therapy when you have Google? Xanax please.

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Papa Jeff said...

I need "a link to the game".