Saturday, January 27, 2007


My face hurts. I have a sinus infection and have started an antibiotic. The kids were sick for the past week and as it always happens, I got everything they had, AT ONCE! Tom has been dealing with Sarah and Leah all morning while I stayed in bed, which is no easy feat since they are recovering from colds and it is too cold to be outside. He has proven once again that although I often forget, he is a wonderful parent and even better husband.

I really have nothing of any real significance to blog about today since my head is throbbing and not working very well. However, since I know you readers will stop visiting if I don't add something, I am providing the following links for entertainment. What can be better then a listing of my 3 favorite Hollywood gossip links so you can completely waste your afternoon. Sorry Susie, I know that this type of entry offends you.

Jossip is Hollywood Gossip, New York Style. A little less fluff then the Hollywood Blogs if your in a hurry.

Hollywood HeartBreaker specializes in announcing the demising marriages of Hollywood's most spoiled celebrities FIRST! A "must add" to your entertainment link folder.

And of course no one can forget the grand-daddy of celebrity bloggers. I LOVE PEREZ. If you are dying to see a celebrity vagina or learn who was denied access to a popular club first, Perez will have it!

Peace, Love, And Tylenol. Until next time! D

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