Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Washington DC's parking office SUCKS. In 2 months I received 2 parking tickets. One I paid because I realised after careful observation that I might have been in an illegal spot. I still have my doubts, but I am willing to take the hit because I am not 100% certain I am right.

The 2nd ticket I received was COMPLETELY unjustified. I parked at a broken meter for less then an hour. I needed to go to my office when I was on leave to get some paperwork together and the meter began to eat my quarters. Immediately I called the number on the meter and reported the broken meter. They said that I would be OK, and when I came back to my car I had a ticket. I was pissed.

I then called the parking office AGAIN and filed a complaint, but still needed to appeal with a formal letter. I did just that, complete with times, POC's and locations.

Today I received a letter that blew my mind. They claim that they did a "meter analysis" in which a status was printed from the meter and it was determined that the violation was valid. Since I am certain that the meter was broken and I am not confident that they went to the RIGHT meter, I decided that I wanted to see a copy of the analysis. Guess what! NOT AN OPTION. I need to first clear my record of liability ($25) and if I pay an additional $10 and file a secondary appeal, it will be reconsidered by another board. However, I am not allowed to offer evidence or permitted to attend my hearing. I can not get a copy of the meter report.

This city sucks.

Tomorrow Tom is going to pay the ticket because a) he loves me and does not want me to go to jail and b) he knows that I will NEVER pay it. What I do plan to do tomorrow is research my DC FOIA options and figure out how to get the meter reports from the area surrounding 1900 half street, SW.

Thank god I took tonight's Xanex early.


Papa Jeff said...

DC does not deserve the vote. For that matter they do not deserve a Hockey or Baseball team either.

Pennyfeather said...

Do they have a hockey team? One would not know that by looking at the standings! XO