Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!

This new year started early. Leah was singing Oh' Suzanna in her crib while playing with her stuffed animals and Tom got up with her. I never did fall back to sleep, thinking about my resolutions and what I would like to change. After listening to Leahs song and thinking about Sarah's smile, it would be easy to conclude that I wouldn't change a thing.

Of course, there is always a need for improvement:


1) Back to weight watchers. I started paying again months ago, now I will follow program. Goal 130. Will keep you posted.

2) Complete THREE half marathons. Patty are you with me? Nashville is a definate. Then either Baltimore or Philadelphia for sure. I would like to do both, which is why I want to complete three. Is worse comes to worse, we can do a 13.1 mile course in DC and call it our third. I will design a metal ......................


1) Spend 2 hours of quality time with each girl a week. Sounds easy, but between work, daycare, keeping up with the house and keeping up with life, both of them have been lacking on one on one mommy time. I am going to change that.


1) Read three classic's this year. Might give me something to discuss in this blog?

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Anonymous said...

I have found your blog and just want you to know that you are not writing for no one. I am a reader.