Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What are your kids listening to?

Sarah and Leah are 3 1/2 an 21 months. If I didn't put my foot down on the music we are listening to, I would be banging my head into the steering wheel repeatedly while listening to the 5th song on the Wiggles TOOT TOOT CD OVER and OVER again! No more! Thanks to my friend Erica and a little research on Amazon, I think that I have come up with the PERFECT holiday gift list for those that need a decent collection of children's music that is acceptable to the whole family.

Ralphs World has a new CD out called Welcome to Ralphs World. It includes a Bonus DVD. Anyone who knows me, or my kids, knows that I LOVE these guys! Check them out

Justin Roberts also put out a new CD this year. Meltdown is fun and innovative, and has stayed away from the religious themes that he seems to restrict to his biblical albums. Thanks for keeping the line there Justin. Sarah asks for this CD all the time, though she is becoming increasingly concerned that the boy on the cover is not wearing a helmut! That's my girl!

The Sesame Street Songs from the Street is a must have for everyones collection. It is pricey but worth it and while I do not have it yet, I suspect that we will soon. Afterall, who can resist James Taylor singing "Jelly Man Jelly".

Nighttime favorites in my house include Hand In Hand (Songs Of Parenthood) and Kenny Loggins Return to Pooh Corner . I purchased Return to Pooh corner about 10 years ago when I was having a particularly hard time and needed some "comfort music". My kids seem to find it soothing as well.

Happy shopping. I will (without doubt) post another review of our post holiday purchase but need to go ................ a little voice of calling for "mommy" over "Sweet baby James"

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