Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lots to be Thankful for ......

Every year, I have the girls write, or draw, what they have to be thankful for. It started because I didn't want them to be stumped/embarrassed when asked during our Thanksgiving
roundtable tradition (my Mom has us all tell what we have to be Thankful for before our meal begins), and I have been keeping them over the years.

This year, Ms. Bean (8 going on 15) is grateful for:
- reading - coloring - bubbles - sparklers - sparkles - glitter - secrets (shhhhh) - twinkles - feathers - earrings - diamonds - and family.

Little Bee, 6, is grateful for her Family and her Pets. In her world, we are all she needs.

I am grateful for two wonderful little girls, who taught me how to love. My parents who taught me patients and appreciation. And to Tom, who is happily on this Journey with me.

And of course for my friends, who I cherish and adore.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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