Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The BEST birthday card EVER!

Last Sunday, I turned 43.

Since we are in the process of gutting the kitchen, Tom and I decided that there would be no presents this year, and the girls are over scheduled so we have little time on weekends for a "party". We enjoyed a couple of lovely quiet meals with Susie and Papa, and I LOVED being with the people I love.

However, the girls weren't going to let the day go by without a little fanfare! Ms. Bean washed by car from top to bottom and vacuumed for hours with Papa on Saturday (thanks DAD!). And little Bee, demanded that I produce a box of pens, a sheet of paper, and get OUT OF HER WAY!

20 minutes later, she appeared with this masterpiece, and the following explanation:

The front contains the first and last letter of our names. The Heart indicates who is having the birthday, and the "O" symbalized who made the card.

And here is the inside. A cake topped with sparkelers (THANKS ERICA!) and the ROYGBIV and a sunflower for Mommy. I simply couldnt be more proud or delighted.

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