Friday, September 25, 2009

Another Crappy Meal --- Another Nasty E-mail

Dear Einstein Bagels -

What a HORRIBLE experience we had during lunch today at your Baileys Crossroads store. My mother, daughter and I went in at lunch time. There were 2 people at the counter and a large crowd formed. At which point, one of the women disappeared, and came back a few minutes later without her apron and with her lunch. Then, the two women argued (presumably about this being an inappropriate time to take a break, though I cant be sure because they weren't speaking English). After a LONG time, the remaining woman started making sandwiches without asking what kind of bagel we wanted. At this point, the crowd was HUGE. When we told her that we wanted a different type of bagel and no cream cheese on our sandwich, she began to SCREAM at my mother and accuse her of not being able to read while pointing to the (confusing) menu board. All of this was witnessed by the woman on her break and (at least) 10 customers in line.

Your bathroom is FILTHY and the whole restaurant smelled old.

I find it hard to believe that in todays economy, this is the BEST you can get?

To your credit, at the very end of this experience, a gentleman came to the counter who appeared to have a clue, and did allow me to trade in my MOLDY fruit salad for the fresh. Silver lining?

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