Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ms. Beans Homework

Last nights homework assignment was to write a letter to the Principle and tell her what you like about school:

Dear Dr. Zissios -

I like my school. I love my teachers Ms. Jackson and Ms. Youngman. I miss Ms. Dwyer and I am sorry she had to leave. Very sorry. I like Art. I like P.E. Its really fun to go to specials. I like to go out to recess and I like to play with my friends.

This year I have learned about money and counting pennies and dimes and Quarters and Nickles. I go on the computer almost every day. I learn how to read, that is what the computer is for. My favorite Special is Music. I get to sing new songs that I didn't know, like:

1) the Echo
2) Shadow Phobia
3. BFF

I really like my classroom. My favorite center is white board because I get to9 draw whatever I want. Sometimes I even go to the large white board, but we don't do that very often.

My friends are Ovie and Pierce. They are really funny. They play with me a lot and I chase them.

I really like my school and everybody there. Sometimes I am afraid of all of the new kids I see, but as long as I am with my friends I have nothing to worry about.


I, for one, would really like to attend Kindergarten classes.

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Grandma Susie said...

I would rather be a fly on the wall and observe Sarah!