Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My e-mail to Starbucks regarding their PTO Location

For the 2nd Saturday in a row, I visited your store at about 0830 in the morning. As a stock holder, Starbucks gold club member, and credit card holder, I was DISGUSTED with the service that I received. During BOTH visits, there was NO COFFEE MADE IN THE STORE. All I wanted on both occasions, was 2 grande coffees and 2 scones, and on both occasions I needed to wait for the crew to make coffee. Further, they actually appeared surprised when I ordered coffee at Starbucks. Does anyone order anything else in your stores?

I returned January 10, thinking that my visit on January 3 was an isolated incident, but was shocked to get the same treatment. Please tell me that this is not a growing trend in Starbucks stores across America, and the PTO facility has chosen to use its "B" crew on weekends.

V/R Diane


Papa Jeff said...

Is there an outcome to this story?

Grandma Susie said...

Glad that you are back blogging. Now that you have had your caffine. tell us something enjoyable, like sharing the ice with your girls.